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Step-grandmother of 3 year old killed by dogs, remembers little girl


HOPKINTON (KWWL) -- Funeral service are set for Friday, after the tragic death of three year old Vanessa Husmann. She was killed Saturday night after two dogs mauled her in the backyard of her grandparents home. Thursday one of her family members spoke to KWWL. Vanessa's step grandmother, Nancy Marty, wanted to talk to us because she wants the little girl to be remembered.

"She loved people, she loved being mommy and dad's helper," Marty said as she held a picture of Vanessa in her hand. "She reached out to her grandma's. She truly loved grandma betty tremendously. And cook with her as she did the Friday before."

Marty lives out of town but often came back to visit Vanessa's older siblings. She says the three year old girl always made people smile, loved dressing up like a princess, but was a little tomboy.

"When she let you in and she smiled you knew that you had the love of a child, that many adults can learn from," Marty said.

Marty said she started going to school at Sacred Heart in Monticello, where she loved making arts and crafts. She was helpful around the house, loving to her parents and family. And had a special way of making everyone happy.

"And she just had such a heart and reached out to so many," Marty said.

Now as the family mourns the loss of a little girl, Marty says she'll live on in their memories.

"She just had a way to make everybody feel eased and wanted. She will be greatly missed," Marty said.

Marty also pointed out the impact this three year old had in the community. She said nearly everyone knew her and said she used to brighten up everyone's day. Now, those same people are coming together to remember a life lost too soon.

The two dogs that attacked Husmann were put down. And the Iowa Department of Human Services is looking into the death.

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