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Church leader wants family planning clinic to move

FAYETTE (KWWL) – A Catholic priest is asking an eastern Iowa community to not renew the lease of a family planning clinic. He says the city is profiting from a business that does more harm than good.

A quiet building on Main Street in the community of Fayette has been the site of numerous protests. People using their first amendment rights to oppose what they're selling, which is family planning.

Father Jim Brokman of Saint Francis of Assisi Church wants the city to not renew the lease of the clinic, which is located in a city owned building.

"The clinic is dispensing contraception with the belief that it will decrease the number of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies and ultimately abortion, but everything I've read, study after study, maintains that contraception use does the opposite," said Father Brokman.

Brokman also disagrees with who is allowed to gain contraception from clinic.

"I called up the organization's home office in Decorah and asked if they were willing to dispense contraception to high school students and they said they were and they leave it to the students to whether or not to tell their parents that they're involved in something like that. That concerns me a great deal," said Brokman.

In the end he hopes people open up their minds to his point of view.

"My hope is the city decided not to renew the lease of the clinic and that they decide Fayette isn't the best place for them to be to fulfill their mission," said Brokman.

Officials with Northeast Iowa Community Action say they do not perform abortions and they only provide family planning options. They also say it would be against the law to deny anyone, including teenagers, contraceptives. They do encourage parent involvement when decisions like this are made.

The lease runs out on June 30th.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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