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Variety helps Hillcrest Family Services

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Variety is helping Hillcrest Family Services in Dubuque with its transportation needs. Most of us take our transportation for granted but vans provided by Variety make a real difference for Hillcrest Family Services.

"It's a must. Especially safe, reliable transportation in Dubuque with all the hills so it's a must that we have that transportation," said John Bellini of Hillcrest Family Services.

Hillcrest serves thousands of kids with behavioral or emotional problems. The vans give them a chance to be in an environment that can help them and the community.

"They're a population that a lot of people have given up on and we believe that by getting involved in the community and giving them opportunities that they'll thrive and build a sense of community. I think that's what's really needed," said Bellini.

And it can help them be more like other kids.

"We'd be stuck in our houses and having 60 kids with emotional and/or behavior disorders, the idea of moving them on campus, giving them a sense of normalcy is needed to develop them and maintain our programming," said Bellini.

Hillcrest leaders say not having to buy the passenger vans at $20-30,000 each can free up funding for other areas.

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