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Every bottle and can counts in Eldora


ELDORA (KWWL) -- Every year it seems someone in the state legislature talks about making changes to Iowa's Bottle Bill. The five-cent deposit on carbonated beverages aims to reduce litter by recovering cans and bottles for recycling.

Proposed changes didn't make it through funnel week this year, but if they did, some communities would have to rethink the way they raise money for local projects.

The Masonic Lodge in Eldora took over the redemption center in town just two years ago. The lodge says it was a big undertaking, but the rewards have been beneficial to the community.

Clarence Perrin is retired and now volunteers three times a week at the Lodge Redemption Center in Eldora.

"I work on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday," Perrin said.

Perrin is just one of a dozen Masonic Lodge volunteers who helps out at the redemption center.

"Sometimes when we aren't busy I help people put their cans through. They will put cans through and I will talk with them," Perrin said.

But for every can put through the machines people can donate to their choice of six different organizations in town. From the senior center to after school programs, they all get a check.

"Last year we had put out $2,000. It's working in the community. They basically need our funding these days as our federal state money is drying up. This is one of the items keeping them going," said Chuck Edgerton, chairman of the Lodge Redemption Center.

People can either donate their whole ticket or they can take their five cents with one cent going back into the community.

"I visited with a guy last week. He saves his until he comes to Eldora to visit his mother and he brings it down here because Webster City doesn't have a redemption center like this," said Perrin.

For all the donations the Lodge Redemption Center gets, they say they will double the donation.

The Masonic Lodge helps other communities such as Hubbard, Union, Ackley, and Whitten.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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