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Waterloo business booms with Wisc. t-shirt sales


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- In Wisconsin, Republicans voted Wednesday to fine the state's senate Democrats $100 for each day they miss of the legislative session.  It's in response to their choice not to be part of discussion about the collective bargaining rights of state workers.  Protestors had to leave the capital a little over a week ago, and the signs they left behind are being taken down to restore the lobby to normal.

Meanwhile, one eastern Iowa printing company is working overtime to show support for the Wisconsin union workers.  Image Pointe in Waterloo has seen its orders skyrocket for Wisconsin's AFL-CIO union merchandise.  It's a union printing shop that specializes in union goods.  To keep up with the demand, they've had to update their website and ordering system.

"In areas where we usually get 10 to 12 orders a week we all of a sudden began to do 10 to 12 orders an hour," said Image Pointe president Jeff Swartzendruber.

Swartzendruber says it's exciting to be a part of a national story.  Image Pointe has been printing union merchandise for more than three decades.

KWWL Reporters:  Kera Mashek and John Wilmer

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