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Shoveling snow could cost in Dubuque


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- A city ordinance prohibits moving snow from private property onto city property, including the streets.

Lt. Scott Baxter with the Dubuque Police Department said, often neighbors call in to report illegal snow removal.

Even if the offender isn't caught in the act, a simple investigation usually reveals who moved the snow to the street, Baxter said.

This can create danger for drivers, he said.

"It just becomes a safety issue when they're blowing it out onto the street or other areas where it creates traffic hazards or things of that nature," Baxter said. "It's simply not worth it. And it's a significant fine, too, if you're caught doing it."

He said first-time offenders could get a warning or as much as a $750 fine with $85 court costs. Second-time offenders could get a $1000 fine with $85 court costs.

Online Reporter: Becca Habegger

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