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Iowa court of appeals in Iowa City


IOWA CITY (KWWL)--  More than 100 miles from the Iowa State Capitol, the Iowa Court of Appeals conducts its routine business in an unusual place.

Instead of within the confines of the Des Moines courthouse, arguments are heard inside an auditorium at the University of Iowa's College of Law.

"Our hope is that we can give law students as much information as possible about the workings of the court, the workings of our local bar, and the ways that justice is served in Iowa," said Judge Amanda Potterfield of the Iowa Court of Appeals.

Students like Samanthal Kintzle say having the Court of Appeals on campus provides real-world experience in a convenient place.

"For me the value is having an example to compare to the notes the professor gives me, which helps me in my learning," Kintzle said.

"It permits us to show the students what courts do because they just read about what courts do, but they can actually watch it," said Linda McGuire, Associate Dean of the UI College of Law.

But the hope is these proceedings, which are always open to the public, draw more than just students.  Many argue it's important for people to have a better understanding of the workings of the three branches of government, specifically that of the judicial branch.

"The judicial branches are the least understood what their function is, and there's nothing like being able to see it to get that message across," McGuire said.

Online Reporter: Jason Epner

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