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Allergy season off to a miserable start for some

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Allergists are warning that this may only be the beginning of a long and miserable allergy season.  Right now, cedar and maple trees are major contributors to the high pollen count.

Allergist Dr. Stanley Fineman told WXIA-TV in Georgia that he blames warmer temperatures and more carbon dioxide for the longer and more miserable allergy season.

"The seasons are longer. The pollen is more potent and there's more of it. So it can really be a problem for patients with allergies," Dr. Stanley Fineman said.

This year, like every year, the Atlanta Allergy Clinic in Georgia is recording the daily concentration of pollen in the atmosphere.  But this year, the clinic is updating the way it charts the pollen.  The new threshold for a pollen reading of "extremely high" has been lifted significantly to 1,500 particles per cubic meter.  That's more than ten times the old threshold.

"So we can directly compare our pollen counts that we get here in Atlanta to other pollen counts in other areas of the country," Dr. Fineman said.

Dr. Fineman says some over the counter allergy medications can be effective for minor allergy sufferers. But, if you are one of those folks who suffers from severe symptoms you may need to see an allergist.

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