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Are HD Vision Sunglasses really high definition?


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- High definition television tries to get you as close to reality as possible now a pair of sunglasses is claiming to do the same thing. The question is can you get more realistic than real life?

To find out we visited two experts. Bill Kline, an optician, at Kline Optical and Dr. Richard Mauer, an Opthamologist at the Mauer Eye Center.

Kline says these sunglasses are not a new concept, just a new name.

"If you remember back to the late 70's or early 80's there was a marketing blitz on Blue Blocker sunglasses. These are exactly the same thing as what was marketed then," said Kline.

Doctor Mauer says the glasses are beneficial.

"They are an amber colored sunglasses. Now amber color is best for dusk and dawn driving and night driving. It would be good for that. It's not the best for real bright days," said Mauer.

As for the high definition factor, the glasses might live up the hype.

"It's the current buzz word. It's used a lot right now in televisions and television sales and we're seeing 3-D movies coming, but our world is HD by itself," said Kline.

"For an all around pair of sunglasses with the UV coating and with the anti-glare coat, it's an ideal pair of sunglasses you can use as kind of a back up to have in your truck and toss it around. You can use it for night driving or dusty or foggy days. That's where it fits the niche," said Mauer.

To get the public's reaction to these sunglasses we went to the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. 

"Everything's kind of yellow, but it's like everything's more clear. They really are, it's like clear," said UNI student, Paige Beatty.

"I like them. It's like those contact commercials when they unveil a new image, yeah," said UNI student, Mallory Aspland.

Over all we give HD Vision Sunglasses a "B+" They are clear and seem to enhance your vision, but they work better on cloudy days. As for high definition, they're just sunglasses and real life can't get any more real.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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