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Reflections of War---Desert Storm Coverage-20-Years Later

WATERLOO (KWWL)-- All this week, KWWL-TV has been focusing coverage on Iowa's military families and the sacrifices so many Iowans are making right now, as the war rages on in Afghanistan and U.S. troops remain in Iraq.

The same was true twenty years ago for Iowans, with the first Gulf War, which quickly changed from Desert Shield to Desert Storm. U.S. and Coalition forces moved in January 1991, to push Saddam Hussein's military out of Kuwait, after Iraq invaded that oil rich nation in August of 1990. 

KWWL-TV was the only Iowa television station in the Persian Gulf, when the war began, providing 23 straight days of coverage from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Watch our satellite interview with former KWWL reporter, Joel Dickman, now News Director of ABC affiliate, KGTV in San Diego. 



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