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Health Plus: A Matter of Balance

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Losing your balance and falling can be... well... embarrassing.

But for many seniors, it can be a matter of life and death.

In Health Plus, a new class is helping eastern Iowans stay on their feet.

Ann Hennessey often fears she'll lose her balance."This time of year when there's ice and who knows what on the sidewalks it becomes an even greater fear to me. I just always want something that I can hang onto to steady myself."

The 69-year-old waterloo woman uses a cane some times for security, but she hopes a new class through Covenant Wellness will build her confidence.

It's called A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls.

"The myth is seniors fall because they're getting old and that's not true. Seniors fall because they're trying to keep up with the pace of traffic, because they're rushing, because they have had to condense their home from a two-story home to a two-bedroom apartment and they have all their belongings that they don't wanna get rid of yet they can cause them to kind of trip and fall," said instructor Timi Brown.

The 8-week session includes things you can do today to prevent falls in the future.

"I think a lot of times people think I'm afraid to fall so I'll just stay home and I don't wanna go do anything," said instructor Deb Brekunitch.

For Ann, the class is one more way for her to protect herself against permanent injury.

"Anything that would make me less fearful of losing my balance is bound to be helpful."

Each class runs two hours and, get this, it's free!

Call 272-1755 to sign up.

Online reporter/News Anchor: Tara Thomas

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