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High pump prices push couple to move


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Have you filled up at the gas pump lately?  Get ready for a hit to your wallet.  In Iowa, you'll pay an average of $3.27 per gallon.  And that's why one eastern Iowa couple is making a dramatic change to save money.

Pamela Ryan is unpacking boxes in her new Waterloo home.  She and her husband decided that moving was a necessity, after spiking pump prices made their work commutes from Waverly to Waterloo and Cedar Falls too expensive, racking up a bill of at least $450 a month.

"You think about different things you can do without.  But when we sat down and took a look at what we were spending, the majority of our money was gas and food just in the commute," Pamela Ryan said.

In addition to how much money the couple will save from making the move, they'll also be saving a lot of time.

"It was about 32 hours a month just commuting to our jobs here in the Cedar Valley and also to church," Ryan said.

Even though the Ryans are just settling in, Pamela says she knows the move will be worthwhile and think that the cost to fill up will force others to make similar sacrifices.

"We're cutting a substantial amount of wear and tear on our vehicles as well, which is everything from oil changes to tires.  People are going to start rethinking a lot now that gas is so high," said Ryan.

And the Ryans are just looking forward to seeing their savings add up.

Pamela Ryan and her husband also play in a band and she says that if pump prices keep rising, it may also force them to cut back on how much they travel for performances.

Experts say that gas prices are now on track to reach $4/gallon by summer.

KWWL Reporter:  Kera Mashek

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