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Hundreds rally on Iowa Capitol steps


DES MOINES (WHO)--  Hundreds of people on both sides of the issues upending the Wisconsin Legislature rallied at the Iowa Capitol Tuesday.

Iowa Tea Party organizers gathered at the statehouse in Des Moines in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his budget plan including dismantling collective bargaining rights for state workers.

As Wisconsin was beginning a second week of protests in Madison over the controversial bill, supporters in Iowa talked about draining budgets and the disparity of pay in both public and private sector jobs.

"The fact is that we are that ninety percent and we're paying for that ten percent to go and get salaries that quite frankly don't match the private sector and that is not something that we can take anymore. that's breaking our government, it's breaking us as taxpayers and it absolutely has to stop," said Chairman of the Iowa Tea Party, Ryan Rhodes.

Shortly after the Tea Party rally, the AFLCIO organized hundreds of protesters at the statehouse in support of worker rights.

Union leaders have warned that what's happening in Madison could happen in Iowa where a legislative committee is discussing a similar measure.

Workers carried signs, chanted and displayed their anger over what they call a stripping-down of the middle class.

"I think the working class have given up enough already. it just makes me sick to think that they just passed a bill to give multi-billionaires bigger tax breaks and now they want to start taking it away from the working man? I don't think so," said Becky Douglas, of Belle Plaine.

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