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Ice jams causing flash flooding in Benton County


VINTON (KWWL) -- All the rain and snow is proving too much for some in Benton County.  In the Vinton area Monday, ice jams caused quite the headache for two cabin owners.  One homeowner's minivan was completely submerged by the fast rising waters.      And that family says they've never seen flooding quite like it.

Renae and Tom Blasdell are glad to be in a dry motel room after being forced out of their riverside cabin Monday.  Sunday night, they prepared for the possibility of flood waters.

"We took our truck out of the driveway last night and so did the neighbors.  And we parked our vehicle in our driveway and put a few things in it," Renae Blasdell said.

Those items included an emergency kit, with insurance documents and prescription medicines.  And while the Blasdells have weathered storms and flooding many times before, what happened Monday took them by surprise.

"You know we expect flooding where we live.  A lot of folks expect flooding that live along the river.  But you don't expect it so rapidly with ice.  It's kind of like a frozen flood," said Blasdell.

In fact, the flood waters rose so quickly and covered so much ground that we can't even get near the Blasdell's cabin to see just how much water it may have taken on.

"We got it downstairs, but we didn't anticipate it downstairs lie this.  It was very inundating very fast," Blasdell said.

The Blasdells are just thankful they made it out and hope they don't find too much damage when they're able to return home.

The Grant Wood Chapter of the American Red Cross is providing lodging assistance to the Blasdells and their neighbor, who was also rescued from her flooded cabin.  Both families aren't sure just when they will be able to get back into their homes.

KWWL Reporter:  Kera Mashek

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