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Waverly's economy and population is growing

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- It seems, business is booming in Bremer County. The latest U.S. Census numbers suggest Waverly's population is up more than 10% in just ten years. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate county-wide is at 4.8%. Compare that with the state unemployment rate of six point three percent, and a national rate of nearly ten percent, and you'll see why community leaders are proud of Waverly's progress.

Newlywed Adrienne Lamos is one of Waverly's newest residents. She made the move from Las Vegas to Waverly about two weeks ago.

"I'm enjoying it so far, even with the cold, that's a little bit of an adjustment!" she said.

Her parents live in California, but her new husband's family calls Eastern Iowa home. After they got married, the pair decided to move closer to their loved ones.

"Within a week we were able to both find jobs and with the family situation, it worked out so well. We were both excited," said Lamos.

Lamos not the only one excited about what's happening in Waverly.

"It's an exciting time to be a worker, resident, or someone who can just come and say -- man, things are really cooking in Waverly, Iowa," said Waverly Area Economic Development Executive Director Brent Matthias.

The trend reflects a long-term investment from everyone in the community, from top business owners to the average family on the corner.

"Sure, people could go somewhere else. But they have a sense of pride. Many people have always said, it's not about this year or next year, it's about Waverly in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years," said Matthias.

And this sense of pride is quickly instilled in even their newest residents. Lamos and her husband weren't just thinking about themselves, and their current job opportunities, when they decided to move to Waverly. They were thinking about their future, and like many other young couples, their future children.

"Las Vegas doesn't really have the best reputation for schooling, and my husband has nieces and nephews in school, and we've only heard great things about the schooling here," said Lamos.

"With the new junior high, middle school opening up, Wartburg is growing," Matthias noted. "We've got some great indicators here in our community that this isn't just a little blip, this is something that's really going to take hold and continue to grow."

Waverly Area Economic Development has created an online job directory, which currently boasts 78 open positions in and around the community. Click here to learn about the opportunities available.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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