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SYSK: Debbie Moser

by Danielle Wagner

INDEPENDENCE (KWWL) Children as young as two and a half take dance and gymnastics lessons from Debbie Moser.

Monday through Saturday, Debbie Moser is teaching classes. Between Debbie and her sister and her niece, Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics is in nine eastern Iowa communities: Clermont, Elkader, Edgewood, Strawberry Point, Independence, Guttenberg, Manchester, Dyersville and Monticello.

Moser School is celebrating 40 years this year. It's impacted hundreds of lives through the years.

"Debbie is an amazing teacher. She's probably one of the best coaches I could ask for. She knows how to talk to kids. She doesn't get mad if we do something wrong. She is there for you, kind of like a second Mom," said student Gina Owens.

Debbie teaches coordination, strength and flexibility, but her job is about more than the fundamentals of dance and gymnastics.

"It helps you not only with dance and gymnastics and all that stuff, but she really teaches you life lessons and you learn from her," said Owens.

"We are so fortunate because of our parents, our grandparents, and all of our supporters because they trust in us, they know us. They know we're going to be here for their kids and not only teach dance and gymnastics, but life lessons along the way," said Debbie Moser.

Debbie Moser started taking lessons when she was just three years old. She still takes lessons every summer, and said she'll never stop learning.

Debbie attended what's now Clarke University for elementary education. The mat is and always will be her classroom.

Even though she's teaching six days a week nine months out of the year, Debbie said this isn't work.

"Love it. We can't think of anything else rather do more," she said.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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