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Herkelman run paving way for others

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- Cassy Herkelman's fight may be for more than merely a state title.

"Every time a girl has done something that hasn't been done before, it just opens the door to new possibilities," said Nancy Sauerman, a psychology professor at Kirkwood Community College.

Herkelman has advanced to the state quarterfinals, something never done before by a high school girl.  With the uncharted territory, comes significant social pressure for both male and female wrestlers.

"I think it would change things for the boy that's wrestling the girl and for the girl that's wrestling the boy.  I just can't imagine the kinds of social consequences that would occur," Sauerman said.

Sauerman says the intimate nature of the sport complicates things for these high school athletes as well.

Factor these challenges in with the 112 pound favorite bowing out of title contention on high school wrestling's biggest stage, and the question remains, will the sport see rule changes disallowing girls from the state meet in the future?

Commissioner of the Mississippi Valley Conference Randy Krejci says any complaints would have to be brought up through the Wrestling Coaches Advisory Committee.  Up to this point, he says, he hasn't heard of any changes brewing.

Krejci  believes an opportunity for boys and girls to wrestle in the state meet is good for the athletes.

"They have the same set of rules and regulations, I think that's a positive thing," he said.

Online reporter:  Jason Epner

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