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Denver Elementary runs the halls for their health


DENVER (KWWL)-- One local school is trying to help its students stay active. Third and fourth grade students at Denver Elementary walk or run around the school for about 20 minutes a day.

School nurse Lori Rasmusson was inspired by The Healthy Kids Act to encourage physical fitness to her students. At the end of January she came up with Club 11 and it has been a hit ever since.

In Denver, running in the hall is not against the rules, in fact, it's encouraged.

Instead of standing in line outside in the cold, students spend 20 minutes doing laps for their health

Eleven laps around the school equals one mile. Rasmusson started this just to get her kids more in shape. She never knew they would really run with it.

"I didn't imagine running at all and right away they asked if they could jog and I said sure. Some of them are jogging almost the whole 11 laps or whatever they run each morning.

A popsicle stick after each lap helps students track their laps. Michael Bohlmann is just one of the thirty six students participating can't believe his progress.

"I was like wow I can't believe I can do it. My legs are getting stronger and I can run and not walk as much," said Bohlmann.

Rasmusson also counts the students' progress. She never knew this small exercise would really make a difference.

"I just anticipated they would walk and visit, but they have loved it. Most aren't competing with each other, but competing with themselves. They have really gotten into how many laps they've gone," said Rasmusson

"It's really good to exercise more so you keep your energy up and you don't get fat," said Cael Krueger, 4th grade student.

Rasmusson even has prizes for each 11 miles the students go. A sweat band for the first 11. Then a stress ball and a pedometer.

Denver Elementary third and fourth graders are the only students participating in the exercise. There have been plans to include other grades next year.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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