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UPDATE: Students released from hospital after school bus crash


MONONA (KWWL) --Nearly two dozen students were hospitalized following a bus crash in eastern Iowa Wednesday morning.  It happened about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday along Highway 18, about a mile west of Monona.

The good news is, all but one student has now been released from the hospital.  And that student is only undergoing observation.  It's still not clear just what role the morning fog may have played in the crash.  But school officials are just glad the students are okay.

Just a few blocks from MFL MarMac, a district school bus crashed along Highway 18 with 23 students on board.  The impact occurred along the driver's side undercarriage of the bus.  As soon as superintendent Dale Crozier learned of the accident, he wanted to take every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of the students involved.

"I checked the crisis manual and reviewed that, then went to the scene.  Most of the kids on the bus, were fine.  But I made the decision that we'll just take them all to the hospital," Crozier said.

By Wednesday afternoon, 22 of the 23 students had been released from hospital care.

"I'm just thankful all of the kids are fine.  All but one, and the one's going to be.  So that is good news," said Crozier.

Crozier says the district never wants to see crashes happen.  And we has confident enough in the conditions outside that school was not delayed for fog Wednesday.

"I went out and drove it.  Our transportation director drove it.  I confer with other schools.  And many schools in the area went on time," Crozier said.

While the crash made for a rough start to the school day, the district expects that Thursday, the majority of students involved will be back in class as usual. 

The driver of the school bus did not receive hospital treatment, but did take a drug test, which is standard district protocol following an accident.

The district expects students involved in the crash will be able to resume normal activities right away.  But counseling will be available to any students that ask for it.

KWWL Reporter:  Kera Mashek

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