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Eastern Iowa Biggest Losers: Robin & Blaine Blackburn


NORTH LIBERTY (KWWL) -- Love of life, love of family and the love they have for each other have been a very strong source of motivation for Robin and Blaine Blackburn of North Liberty.

They met through a dating website and found out they had a lot in common, including the fact both battled weight problems most of their lives.

"We exchanged info and photos right away and started dating pretty quickly and we were fat sedentary kind of people. We went to dinner and a lot of movies and watched TV," Robin said.

Robin and Blaine married in 2001. And they continued a relatively unhealthy lifestyle of no exercising and bad eating habits which were closely related to Blaine's Oklahoma roots.

"Meals were all fast food. In the south everything had to be fried or covered in gravy. That is what I was raised on," Blaine said.

Robin and Blaine didn't want to raise their children this way. Four years into their marriage, Robin and Blaine weighed more than 330 pounds a piece. In January of 2005, they made a life changing decision to lose weight and live healthy.

The Blackurns expanded their family with two sons while dramatically reducing their physiques. Robin and Blaine both began exercising 5-6 days a week and started eating healthier. And over the last six years, they have lost a combined 260 pounds.

"As I started to lose the weight I gained more self confidence," Robin said. 

Today, the Blackburns are giving their two sons a positive example of healthy living, while the overweight couple who found each other online more than a decade ago have watched their bond grow stronger.


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