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Value of Valentine's Day


WATERLOO/CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- It's probably no shock to learn, chocolatiers and florists are pretty busy this weekend.

"Today will be craziness. Today, tomorrow, Monday. I expect on Monday, believe it or not, we will have a line of gentlemen out the door," said Indulgence owner Marty Hansen.

And while men don't always know exactly what it is they're looking for ---

"They'll stand around and really, really debate what they want!" Hansen laughed.

They will notice when prices take a jump in the wrong direction. It just so happens, cocoa and flower prices are rising high, right in time for Valentine's Day.

"We have flowers coming in from South America, things are coming in from Holland, from Europe," said Heidi Teitz De Silva, owner of Petersen & Tietz Florists.

Recent storms and gas prices are impacting the cost of roses, that's on top of the demand which is always placed on distributers this time of year.

"It's pressure on the growers to have everything ready all at one time. Valentine's Day is a big holiday," Tietz De Silva noted.

As for cocoa, you can blame increasing rates on disputed election results in Africa.

"A third of the chocolate, well, a third of the cocoa, is produced along the Ivory Coast, where there's a lot of political unrest right now," said Hansen.

Cocoa prices started going up slightly a few months ago. But retailers are just beginning to feel the pain.

"My guess is, on our very next order we will see that increase -- we're expecting it to be in the neighborhood of five to ten percent," Hansen said.

There is a sweet ending to this story though. In both shops, your total this weekend will be the same as any other week of the year.

"We'd rather have the traffic than people making some other choices and going elsewhere," Hansen noted.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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