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UI student celebrates victory for Egyptians


IOWA CITY (KWWL)-- A University of Iowa student not only witnessed the protests in Cairo, but took part in them.

"My flatmate kept telling me on the 25th, that things were going to get bad, and I blew him off, blew him off, whatever," University of Iowa student Dan Olinghouse said.

Olinghouse never could have guessed he was about to be a part of history.

"I think the whole semester got crammed into about ten days," he said .

Olinghouse had been studying in Cairo for merely 72 hours, when he watched protesters make their way into Tahrir Square, just a couple blocks away from where he was staying.

Olinghouse snapped pictures while taking part in the demonstrations.

He says police attacked him and stole his camera.  He was even hit by tear gas and shot at by water cannons.

But Olinghouse said he didn't become scared for his safety until the protests became more violent ten days in.

During a lull, Olinghouse made the decision he had to leave and darted for a cab to the airport.

"I was probably two blocks away and I had to run from the police that attacked me the first time, to get home."

Olinghouse now can only watch from afar, as the demonstrators he stood next to, are celebrating their victory.

"I'm really happy for the Egyptian people.  I'm happy that those people didn't die in vain that died, and those people that were imprisoned and tortured, they didn't die for nothing," he said.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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