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Wahlert High School to switch to block schedule


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- There are some big changes coming for students and teachers at Wahlert Catholic High School in Dubuque. It's a part of their revitalization plan to help continue preparing students for college and beyond. The school is switching to block scheduling, eliminating study halls, requiring more credits to graduate and switching to a uniform style of dress, among several others.

The day is almost over at Wahlert High School and students are reading Oliver Twist in Mrs. Lange's 7th hour class. It's one of the many items on everyone's agenda on this day.

"Currently we're at 8 periods every day, 45 minutes periods. 5 minute passing period and it seems like we're at rack meet everyday," Principal Ron Meyer said.

Lange has 45 minutes to get in reading, writing, discussion and a homework assignment.

"By the time you get everybody in the room and settled it feels like you only have 25 or 30 minutes to get any quality instruction in," Lange said.

But this is all going to change next year when the school switches to block scheduling. The week will start with a similar set up to now, eight, 45 minute classes on the Mondays. The rest of the week will break up into longer class periods, meeting every other day and eliminating study hall.

"We build into two periods during the week. Tuesday and Thursday morning where kids will have the opportunity. It's called seminar and students will have the opportunity to meet with teachers," Meyers said.

The school will use the seminar times to hold all school masses and assemblies. The longer classes will help give more time to cover topics, access students progress, and teach new content.

"And I think that for the students it will be good because they're going to get few jobs to do in one day. So they can focus on one task and hopefully get a little more accomplished," Lange said.

Wahlert also plans to increase credits required to graduate, promote the school crest and mascot, add a weighted grading system, require 50 service hours each year and offer more advanced classes.

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