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Coin experts looking for rare coins in Waterloo

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Have you ever looked at an old coin and thought maybe it's worth something more? Now you may have the chance to find out.

The International Coin Collectors Association is in Waterloo this week. While the group has plenty of rare coins on display, experts are also excited to see what gems may lie within our loose change.

Patty Orton has one of the best jobs for a coin collector.

"You kind of just set it off to the side and when you get ready at the end of your shift it is like ok I am buying those," said Orton.

Orton works at Walgreens in Waterloo and deals with other people's spare change everyday.

"You would be surprised the people who come in and not realize what they have given for loose change so I kind of sit there and go through there and look," Orton said.

On Tuesday, Orton took her tin can of spare change to the experts.

Orton had a collection of about 50 coins, but the experts only took a few out of the pile to further examine. Of those few coins turned out to be a special one.

"Its a 1905 and when my sister and I were little we were playing out in the sandbox and she found a penny. She wasn't old enough to be playing with pennies, because little kids put them in their mouth so I decided to take it for her," Orton said.

That penny was worth 45 cents, but Orton's combined total for her collection was $7.

"I'm just going to hold on to them and when my granddaughter gets old enough they should be worth a little more," Orton said.

While Orton's collection was only worth a few dollars, coin experts say they've seen one woman come in with a can full of coins and walk out with a $1,200 check.

The experts are looking for coins dating pre-1965. They are also looking for gold. Even broken jewelry can be brought in to be surveyed.

If you want your coins to be examined the International Coin Collectors Association will be at Country Inn and Suites in Waterloo all week.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough 

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