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Eastern Iowa Biggest Loser: Jerry Brown

EVANSDALE (KWWL) -- A little less than 2 years ago a sleeping giant was awakened in Evansdale and his family and friends have been trying to keep up ever since.  Usually on a cold winter day, you would have found Jerry Brown inside on his recliner, but now this 58-year-old can't get enough of running. 

Looking at Jerry Brown today and understanding his passion for running, it's hard to believe he was 130 pounds heavier just 2 years ago. Brown says at his heaviest he weighed 278 pounds.

And while he didn't have any apparent health problems because of his excess weight, Brown says he never felt comfortable in his own skin.

"At least for me, I didn't want no pictures taken of me. You know you always sit in the background because you're overweight, your clothes don't look right. People don't want to get your picture taken if your clothes are looking bad or you've got this big roll hanging," Brown said.

In January of 2009 Jerry Brown says his major motivation to start losing weight was money.

"First Place was $350 and I just wanted that 350 bucks so bad. You would have thought it was a million dollars," Brown said.

After losing 27 pounds through a change in diet and moderate exercise and winning $350 in a competition, Jerry Brown felt like he wanted more. 

Jerry Brown went from walking to running a lot. He competed in one marathon, four half marathons and several short road races in 18 months.

In less than 2 years, Brown has lost nearly 130 pounds

"I think I'm almost unstoppable as far as my potential and being a 58-year-old man. I think that...I don't even think that I have reached my limit, yet. I think there is still areas for me to grow. I'm working on my bench pressing now. I think I can get faster. I know I can get faster. I am going to work on my speed, I'm going to work on my bench press so I know I can get better than what I am now and I think I'm doing pretty good right now," Brown said.

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