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Love Stories: Blind date leads to love for young couple

TOLEDO (KWWL) -- Sierra Herring and I attend kindergarten through 12th grade together.  Now in our mid-20s, we both find ourselves in eastern Iowa, hundreds of miles from our hometown in Missouri.  Part of her motivation for coming here was love.

"I felt like I was too comfortable where I was.  I wanted a change, and I thought, why not?" Herring said.

Herring met boyfriend Aaron Johnson a little more than a year ago on a blind date, set up by a mutual friend.

"I remember her saying, "He texted me.  He's here!"  And so I was just sitting in a chair waiting, and she said that I was turning red just waiting for him.  So it was very nerve racking!" Herring said.

Despite the nerves, Herring and Johnson hit it off.  The couple spent several months driving between Missouri and Iowa to see each other, and they quickly fell head over heels.  Last summer, things started to fall into place for them to close the distance gap.

"I had been applying for jobs all over the place, but had an interview here.  So I got my job, and we started looking for somewhere to live," said Herring.

Herring ended up buying a house in Toledo, and Aaron moved in.  The last several months have been filled with the tasks of painting and remodeling to make it feel like home.  And living together has meant some major adjustments, especially for Johnson.  But in the process, he's learned a lot.

"I would say probably the most important thing is be flexible.  I was pretty set in my ways.  I liked my routines.  And I like my routines now, but it's good just being flexible and knowing there's somebody else you have to look out for also," Johnson said.

While the young couple doesn't know exactly what the future holds, or when wedding bells might ring, they're just happy to be writing this next chapter of their lives together.

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KWWL Reporter:  Kera Mashek

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