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Impound impatience: towing underway in Cedar Rapids


HIAWATHA (KWWL)-- Nearly a week after the snow storm,  those 48-hour parking ordinances many cities have are now being enforced. Tow trucks started taking cars from streets in Cedar Rapids Monday.

Jan Dillon, with Darrah's Towing in Hiawatha, admits she isn't the most popular person when she shows up with her tow truck.

"People come out and they are upset their car is being towed," Dillon said.

"It's highway robbery as people would call it. Working men and women have to pay an arm and a leg just to get our car out," said Michael Stoddard, Cedar Rapids Driver.

Dillon says a lot of people don't realize they are not the ones who make the decision to tow someone or not.

"Sometimes they take it out of the driver and they don't realize that we had been called from the Cedar Rapids Police Department and we are just doing what we are told," said Dillon.

"It had gotten towed like the 22nd so when I came to get it today it was 406 dollars just to get it out," said Kira Hacker, Cedar Rapids Driver.

 "It was 182 just to get it out of here. It was here for three days. Then the $60 charge for police. Pretty ridiculous, pretty much all my income tax money," said Keagan Ochs, Cedar Rapids Driver.

But that wasn't it for Keagan Ochs. Her car in the lot was her only form of transportation, making it tougher to get it out.

"I had to give gas money to a friend to drive me back and forth," said Ochs.

This is just an important lesson to anyone who could possibly be towed.

"I have my vehicle. I'm happy. I'm going to drive out of here and never coming back," said Hacker.

And while it's an inconvenience to pay those charges, cities do have these ordinances for good reason. Getting those streets cleared in timely fashion so we can all get around more safely and quickly.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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