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Conservative group responds to "No Weapons" stickers in Marion


MARION (KWWL) --  Figuring out what buildings are "weapons free" in Marion just got easier. Marion's Police Chief Harry Daugherty sent all businesses, churches and schools stickers to put in their windows that say "no weapons allowed."  The stickers are optional and individuals can decide whether or not to display them.  A conservative group called the Iowa Conservative Union is designing their own sticker in response.

One place you won't see a "no weapons allowed" sticker from the Police Department is outside of the Iowa Conservative Union in Marion.

Conklin says, "He's intimidating the business owners of Marion!"

Jim Conklin represents the Conservative Union.  He says the "no weapons" stickers violate his second amendment rights and discriminate against weapon-friendly Businesses.

Conklin says, "The reality is he's trying to make a point and is doing his political advertising at the expense of funds from the community!"

But the creator and distributor of the stickers, Marion Police Chief Harry Daugherty, says the production and mailing of the letters cost $600.  He says it wasn't a use of taxpayer dollars. The money came from a fund of seized drug dollars meant for community enrichment projects.

Daugherty says, "I'm not trying to unite the businesses I'm just educating them and giving them information. They can all make their individual choice on what they want to do. I've had quite a few businesses email or call me, and its all been positive from businesses so far."

The stickers are about the size of an index card and its up to the individual business if they want to display them on the side of their door.

Daugherty says, "I've got three businesses who want more stickers. Because we only supply two, and Marion High School wants more. Even though they've always been gun-free they want more to put up. So, until I run out of stickers, I'll be sending them out or let people pick them up at the police department.

While Chief Daugherty hands out more stickers, the Iowa Conservative union is creating a message of their own.

"We're creating friendly amendment stickers. He's created an opportunity for the freedom loving people to step up and show why we are who we are."

So, by the end of the month you'll be able to tell how local businesses stand on the issue before you open the door.

Jim Conklin accused the police chief of making the stickers a political issue.

Chief Daughterly told us, "The letters and stickers are anything but political.  They're educational. I'm not even an elected official so politics have nothing to do with this issue."

"No weapons" stickers are available at the Marion Police Department.

"Weapon friendly" stickers are in the process of being made.  To request one, contact 319-373-8824.


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