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Super Steelers fans in Cedar Falls


by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) Steelers gear on the shelves. Steelers pictures on the wall. Steelers stuff everywhere!

On a scale of one to ten for Steelers fans, Rick Schmidt and Aaren Balvanz are a....

"20. Definitely way over the top of 10," said Schmidt and Balvanz.

Schmidt's basement is fondly called the "Steelers Shrine." Schmidt began turning the basement black and yellow about eleven years ago when he bought the house.

From pictures, to helmets to shot glasses, Schmidt orders a lot of the items online.

"The 1993 semi is the most obsolete that I had a hard time finding, and I have one of every year. That one they only made 250," said Rick Schmidt.

If you're curious just how expensive his basement is?

"I don't think I even know to be honest with you!" said Schmidt.

Schmidt and friend Aaren Balvanz have been Steelers fans since they were kids in the 70s.

"Four super bowls in the 70s, so we've stuck with them ever since," said Schmidt.

"I was nine. Super Bowl 14 when they played the Rams. That's when I started liking them and they won," said Aaren Balvanz.

Unfortunately for them, not all the Steelers games can be seen in our area. So Schmidt ordered a special t.v. package.

Each Sunday, you'll find these two in the "Steelers Shrine" watching Steelers football.

"We never get upset or anything (laugh). That's why my wife always used to leave. She used to leave and go shopping Sundays and leave us two down here," said Balvanz and Schmidt.

As for the Super Bowl....

"Definitely going to be a close game. I think so, too. I never say we're going to win. We want to win, We hope to win," they said.

Win or lose, these super Steelers fans will be in the basement watching the big game, cheering for their team.

"Go Steelers! Yeah, Go Steelers!"

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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