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Snow piles obstructing views in Waterloo


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- In some eastern Iowa neighborhoods, large snow piles are restricting people's vision while behind the wheel.

When you pull up slowly it's easy to see from a distance, but then when you get right up next to the stop sign the only thing you can see is a snow pile.

Jim Ostrander, who likes to take brisk walks on the streets of Waterloo, says coming to an intersection after a big snow storm can be nerve racking.

"Just creep out there slowly until you can peer around the snow pile and make sure no ones coming at you and that they can see you as well," said Ostrander.

Street crews have already been out knocking down some of the bigger piles that are blocking people's views while driving, but they can only knock down the ones on public property. If you have large piles that are obstructing people's views on your property, whether it's a business or home that responsibility to get them cleared is up to you.

As winter rages on those who have deal with the stuff understand why some of these piles will have to wait for a spring thaw.

"I think it's just a matter of no place left to put the snow. I know at the end of my driveway the piles are high enough that I really have to work to get the snow up on top of the pile when I shovel and I really don't have anywhere else to put it," said Ostrander.

Officials with Waterloo Code Enforcement say they have received a few phone calls about blocked views, but they have been working with the street department to fix these problems.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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