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Residential streets still snow packed

WATERLOO (KWWL) – Drivers were getting back into the normal swing of things in Waterloo on Thursday. A lot of rural areas still dealing with major drifts, but the Iowa DOT says all Iowa highways are reopened after the blizzard.

After focusing their efforts on the main roadways, street crews in Waterloo are now focusing their efforts on residential streets. They are salting and sanding intersections and plowing out the spots were cars were plowed in.

When the snow starts to fly Waterloo street crews make sure the main roadways stay open first and then they take on the residential streets.

Steve Decker, the Waterloo Streets Superintendent says his crews have been working on clearing streets since Monday. All of the streets in town have now been plowed, but it wasn't until Thursday morning that streets crews were able to salt and sand the residential intersections.

Authorities say there were a few minor accidents at several intersections, because people were traveling too fast for winter driving conditions.

When we asked are drivers what we thought of the roads their opinions varied.

"I'd say they're pretty good shape considering, but I wasn't here to see it when it could have been the worst but we had no problems at all coming into town today," said driver, Martin Vermass.

"I still don't think they're cleared off very well. The main roads are better, but University Avenue was still bad this morning, I thought," said driver, Norma Fobian, of Waterloo.

City officials say they wish they could do more to clear the streets, but that would call for more plows, more man power, and even more time all which they just don't have.

Waterloo street crews will begin focusing on clearing the snow from the downtown area Thursday evening at 9:00. They ask those who work and live downtown to have their cars off the streets by that time.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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