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Some Iowa students would see steeper tuition hikes

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- Some students in engineering, nursing and business programs at Iowa's three public universities would face far steeper tuition increases than the 5% hike proposed by the Board of Regents for other undergraduates.

The proposed increases for tuition and fees would mean a $300-$400 increase per academic year for most students.

Certain programs have higher tuition and fees to begin with because of specialized classes or equipment. Many of those same programs would also see higher increases in tuition under the current proposals.

For instance, sophomore engineering students at the University of Iowa would see their tuition jump by 21%. Tuition for juniors and seniors studying agricultural systems technology at Iowa State would jump 12%. And some University of Northern Iowa business students would pay 11.3% more.

University officials say those increases would support improvements for their programs.

But Regent Michael Gartner says it's "extremely misleading" for university officials to say tuition would go up only by 5% when it would jump dramatically for some.

The three universities are making presentations on tuition increases at the Board of Regents meeting in Iowa City today. The board is expected to set tuition rates next month.

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