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Wind chill doesn't worry warm school buses


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Despite the cold weather, school buses have a way of keeping kids warm.

Wednesday afternoon, the Dubuque Community School District determined some rural road conditions were unfit for school buses and the windchill predictions were too low for students to be standing outside at bus stops. Superintendent Dr. Larie Godinez decided upon a two-hour delay Thursday morning, which some kids don't mind.

Fourth-grader Cassidy Emerson and her friends warmed up to the idea of sledding on Tuesday - their snow day.

"You slide down so fast," she said, at Dubuque's Bunker Hill.

The following day might not be so friendly to outdoor fun.

"You might get, ah, what's it called?...Frostbite," Cassidy said.

"I heard anywhere from maybe close to 15 below," her friend's dad Scott Bleymeyer said.

He said kids, cold and school bus stops aren't a good combination.

Luckily for his kids, "the bus picks them up about a house away from our house, so they see the bus come and then they run out, so they don't really have to stand out there too long," he said.

80 yellow school buses handle the 240 square miles of Dubuque Community School District bussing, the district's transportation department said.

Each school bus in the fleet is plugged into a block heater to keep the engine warm and current running through the battery, so each bus is ready to go in the morning.

A gasoline additive keeps bus fuel from freezing, and buses fill up before every trip so kids aren't stranded in the cold.

Road conditions remain the number one factor in delaying or canceling school, Godinez said.

The district consults both Dubuque and Jackson counties, dispatch and - of course - weather predictions before Godinez decides to delay or cancel school.

Godinez said bus checkers will go out Thursday around 5 a.m. to check on the status of those rural roads.

Online Reporter Becca Habegger

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