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Blizzard conditions delay truckers, keep plow drivers up through the night


EVANSDALE (KWWL) -- Few people understand how weather affects transportation more than truck drivers and snow plow drivers.

"125 gallons, in case I get stuck on the side of the road I can stay warm," said trucker William Graves.

Graves had to prepare for the worst in these blizzard conditions.

"With all that blowing snow, I am surprised all kind of people weren't killed," he said.

As a Georgia native, Graves doesn't hesitate to share his opinion of this Iowa weather.

"It was 72 degrees when I left Georgia Sunday. Look at this, I wouldn't live here," he said.

Snow plow drivers at the Flying J in Evansdale say they worked to make sure truckers and the occasional car driver could actually drive, having to stay up through the night or risk the alternative.

"It would probably be looking like an avalanche or something by now," plow driver Ryan Woods said.

And truckers put the cleared parking lots to good use. In fact, semis were lined up, looking for an available parking spot.

Just to give an idea of the delay this storm has caused, Graves planned to be back in Georgia on Thursday, and now he is looking at arriving on Monday.

Online Anchor: Sunny Layne

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