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Dubuque County roads will take several days to clear


DUBUQUE COUNTY (KWWL) -- Now that the storm has passed, the clean-up begins. And for county roads, that clean-up may take several days.

Dubuque County roads are unpredictable and often times not drivable. Officials pulled plows off the roads Tuesday night at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday morning they hit the roads and battled the snow drifts.

"This is where my plow was coming down the road and was not able to get through," Dubuque County Engineer Bret Wilkinson said.

He was driving down North Cascade Road in Dubuque County.

"I had high hopes that we were gonna get through the winter without another big snow but we did not get that," Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson pulled the plows Tuesday night because it was too hard to keep up with the storm.

"We would plow a road and within a half hour it was difficult for a vehicle to travel on," Wilkinson said.

Wednesday morning crews weren't battling a storm, instead they were battling the wind. During a ride-along, the plow had to turn back three different times because snow had drifted over the road or plows couldn't get past a drift.

"Plowing it back we are creating higher drifts in the ditches and with the wind blowing as strong as it is we can actually make the situation worse if we don't keep at it," Wilkinson said.

But he says crews will be out on the more than 460 miles of paved county roads Wednesday, trying to keep up with the drifts. By Thursday he hopes to reach the 306 miles of gravel roads.

"We're just gonna open the roads as quickly and as safely as possible but it's definitely going to be a 2 or 3 day process to getting this storm cleaned up," Wilkinson said.

The county roads are not in good condition. Wilkinson recommends staying off the roads until crews get them cleared.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
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