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Stocking up on supplies before storm hits


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- To avoid bad driving conditions, many people stocked up on their winter supplies early Tuesday.

"School just got out, and we figured we'd better get it in before the snow comes," Hy Vee shopper Jake Doyle said, with his two daughters next to him.

"I wrote the list!" his first-grade daughter Laci Doyle said, holding up a mini whiteboard with food items scrawled on it.

"And she had the list wrote, so we figured we'd better take care of it," he said.

Jake, Laci and fifth-grader Faith Doyle went shopping for the essentials together, since the girls were let out of school two hours early.

"Get the milk and the cereal for the kids," Doyle said, "because I know they're going to be wanting it in the morning, and I'm not going to be able to go out and get it for them."

The Doyles fall pretty closely in line with many of Monday's and Tuesday's shoppers, assistant manager of the Northwest Arterial Hy Vee Todd DeRuyter said.

"A lot of them with cereal today and stuff, depending that the kids may be home tomorrow, so they want things in the house to satisfy the children as they're off school tomorrow, if that happens," he said.

DeRuyter said noon sales were up 10 to 15 percent from an average Tuesday.

"Staple items are really going off the shelf quite well," he said, "then anything that will keep the soul warm and the body warm during the wintertime."

Meanwhile, over at Theisen's, shopper Larry Parker stocked up his snow removal supplies.

"Shovel, salt, oil for the snowblower. I'll stop and get a couple gallons of gas," Parker said. "Steep as that driveway is, I like to get a lot of salt on there. We always get surprise people coming up, so, safe for everybody."

"First storm where they've attached the word 'blizzard' to it, and that just gets people thinking differently," Theisen's manager Scott Buse said. "Just getting their essential salt and shovels. I did sell a snowblower again today. Those sales had kind of tapered off, but this kind of a storm brings those people out."

Overall, managers said that since people had received advanced warning of this two-day storm, they've seen a two-day increase in sales.

Online Reporter: Becca Habegger

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