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NIU researchers present 782 page study to city

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- As promised, the City of Dubuque hosted an information meeting to present the crime report, released last Tuesday. It was a 782 page document summarizing a crime study done by Northern Illinois University. Tuesday night, anyone was welcome to the public Safe Community Task Force meeting, as they heard from the researchers first hand.

A few dozen filled the council chambers in downtown Dubuque as researchers present slide, after slide of information and summaries.

"There's plenty to read and plenty to consider," the project coordinator said.

Members of the community hoping to learn something from the several hour long presentation.

"I guess just more information, more details. How they conducted the study, what they did, where they go their information, what date they got and try to understand it," Dubuque resident Molly Fitzsimmons said.

Most agreed people we spoke with said they think crime is a problem in Dubuque but as the study shows, the numbers don't match the perception. In fact, the study compares Dubuque to nine other cities in Iowa. And Dubuque falls in the middle of the pack for overall crime. However, the study does find somewhat of a link to poverty and crime. Either way, people here hope this begins the process of change.

"I think it was well worth it. We need to know where we are and we need to have the best science we can and I have a lot of faith in the human rights department and the city," Dubuque resident Dana Livingston said.

"I just think public awareness and if that happens then there is action, I almost guarantee it," Dubuque resident Dan Fitzsimmons said.

The next up of the process: the Safe Community Task Force will present their recommendations to the city council. The council will vote and possibly implement some of those changes.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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