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Black Hawk County Dispatchers deal with false 911 calls


WATERLOO (KWWL) – They are the lifeline to those in life and death situations, but some people choose to abuse the 911 system.

"We get calls from people just wanting a phone number on 911," said Judy Flores, the Director of Black Hawk County 911.

Flores says they get hundreds of calls a month for non-emergency matters. She also says it's hard to put a price on the amount of time wasted by authorities.

"It ties up a dispatcher answering the call. It ties up officers going over to where the call came from," said Flores. 

Drunken calls to 911 are not uncommon in Black Hawk County either. After arguing with dispatchers, it was discovered that one young man didn't need help after all as help was already there.

"Come to find out when we asked if he need police assistance he said no he was sitting in the back of a police car. He had already been arrested for OWI or for intoxication," said Flores.

For those who think they might get away with making a prank call to 911, authorities say beware.

"We will take every resource that we have to find where that call is coming from, because you just never know there could be a reason the phone gets disconnected and they are in a true emergency situation and we treat every call that," said Flores.

If you do accidentally call 911, you are asked to stay on the line for the operator, because they are required to call you back if you hang up.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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