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Police look for pop bomb culprit


WATERLOO (KWWL)-- Waterloo police are trying to find the person responsible for a homemade bomb that exploded at the public library over the weekend.

Police say someone left a pop-bottle bomb on the first floor of the Waterloo Public Library, Saturday evening. Right now they are looking at surveillance video hoping to identify some of those people who were there.

Monday was business as usual at the library.

"People are coming in. It has been fine this morning. We had one mom come into story time. She said she debated if she would come or not and said this is my library I'm coming down there," said Sheryl McGovern, Executive Director

From reading, to relaxing, to checking out books it's been pretty quiet Monday, but Saturday night was a different story.

"It was pretty startling. The staff reacted very quickly, but there was a range of it could have been a gun shot, or book stacks falling over. They were actually surprised it was a pop-bottle bomb," said McGovern.

Police will use footage captured from the existing security cameras to try and find the culprit.

"We are reviewing the surveillance and we are going to try to identify some of the witnesses that were in the library and see if they can give us any info about who might have helped this device air," Capt. Tim Pillack, Waterloo Police Department -

Executive Director Sheryl McGovern says they even have people walking around for extra security, but McGovern says they do not check backpacks.

"I know libraries used to check book bags in the past as they were leaving. It is very labor intensive though. I still say that if somebody is bent to do something distractive like this then they will figure out a way around security to do it," said McGovern.

McGovern says she has been with the library since 1983 and has never seen anything like this happen, reassuring people that the library is a safe place.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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