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Miracle Dog: Liddie's story of walking again

by Danielle Wagner

WAUKON (KWWL) Running, playing and just plain being happy. Liddie is a St. Bernard. She moved to Waukon in August of 2009. Everything was fine until a few months later on Christmas Day.

"My husband went to do chores, he milks cows, and she went out with him and the next thing I know I have a neighbor banging on my door saying the dog's been hit by a vehicle," said Leslie Miller.

Miller's husband took Liddie to a nearby veterinarian.

"By the time she got there she was in shock. They kept her overnight, IV fluids, gave her prednisone to decrease inflammation, do as much as he could do. I was really surprised the next morning he called and said she can come home," said Miller.

Leslie said the vet couldn't do anything else for her. Liddie didn't have any broken bones, but she couldn't move her back legs.

"What do you do with a St. Bernard that can't get up?" said Miller.

The Millers took her home. Liddie couldn't move. She couldn't even go outside on her own.

"How do you know you're doing the right thing and if it hadn't been for my husband. he's the one who said let's give her some time," said Leslie Miller.

After carrying her outside for awhile, the Millers went online and ordered a doggy wheelchair. It wasn't tall enough, so metal stilts were added but it ended up working.

"When she got in that wheelchair, she was ready to go. She wanted to go and that was one thing that kept us hopeful, was she had the desire to go," said Miller.

Gradually, Liddie began putting more weight on her back legs. Another motivation? A new puppy, which was a suggestion from the vet.

"We felt like if it motivated her to get up and get going again then it was worth it and it did. It really worked," she said.

Liddie can hold her own against the young dog, Daisy.

She got rid of the wheelchair, but still needs a splint on one of her legs. The only problem, she runs around too much and wears them out! The Millers glue bike tire treads on to make it more durable.

"I just want other people to know, if you have a dog that's injured, don't give up right away. If there's any glimmer of hope, give them time, give them attention and listen to your vet's advice," said Leslie Miller.

Leslie Miller said in the case of Liddie, giving her a little time was the best decision she could have made.

"She was only three and she'd look up at me with those brown eyes 'help me' how could I not help her?" she said.

Miller calls Liddie her miracle dog.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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