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Everson's family reacts to guilty verdict on lesser charges

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- Cedric Everson was one of two football players accused in the alleged sexual assault of a female athlete, that happened in a University of Iowa dorm room in October 2007.
Officials swept the dorm for evidence the next month.

More than three years later, and after 11 hours of deliberation, the jury convicted Cedric Everson of a misdemeanor assault.

The original 2nd degree abuse charge would have put Everson in jail for as many as 25 years. The misdemeanor assault charge means he'll serve up to just a month.

"It's seen as a win for the defense."

"There may have been something that didn't go the way it should have; however, this is not a felony, this does not carry a sexual penalty or a criminal registry and for that we are very grateful," said Cedric's sister Reese.  

"We dodged some big bullets here and there's no question about that," said Everson's attorney, Leon Spies.

Spies contended all along that prosecutors were never able to prove the alleged victim was asleep or physically helpless during the sexual contact with Everson, a necessary component of third degree sexual abuse.

"We felt that the evidence was not sufficient to support the charges that were brought against him, and the jury agreed with it," Spies said.

Everson's sister says after dealing with the pending charges for three years, it's nice for the family to finally be able to move on.
Though no specifics were given at this time, she says she would not be surprised if Everson was back on the football field in the near future.

"Cedric is still in possession of all of the talents, all of the skills that the football coach here at Iowa saw when he came to recruit him back in Michigan.  That talent has not waned," she said.

Everson will be sentenced in Johnson County court on February 25th.

Online reporter:  Jason Epner


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