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SYSK: Kyle Hennessy


by Danielle Wagner

NEW HAMPTON (KWWL) It's a typical day at the office for 22-year-old Kyle Hennessy.

"I work at the computer. I do payroll," said Hennessy.

Kyle has worked at the Treasure Chest in New Hampton for three years. It's one of two consignment-type stores in eastern Iowa operated by Comprehensive Systems, Incorporated.

"It's an organizational workshop. We support people with special needs. They work here so they can have a paycheck and do productive work. We take donations from the community. We wash clothes and re-sell them," said Lisa Ward with Comprehensive Systems, Inc.

Kyle has cerebral palsy. He works two and a half hours Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

He operates the computer by sipping and puffing on a straw-like device.

"I don't like math, but I'm good at the computer," he said.

He learned about the computer at school in New Hampton, and he's putting his schooling to good use!

"We get paid every two weeks, but the payroll we put it in every single day, so he's entering 20 to 25 entries a day. He puts them all in himself. If he makes a mistake he edits them all himself and then he prints out a sheet at the end of the day the staff will review that," said Ward.

On Wednesdays, Kyle also works at the front of the store with Gary and Tony.

Tony is the one who nominated Kyle as "Someone You Should Know."

"He does real well. He makes us laugh when he comes to work. Makes our day," said Tony Stuva.

Tony said he admires Kyle's work ethic and he values his friendship.

"I was actually quiet for two months when I started so he helped me out, opened me up and started talking to me," said Tony Stuva.

The three guys greet customers, help them check out and have quite the reputation...

"We have people come Wednesday morning just because they know they will be here just to listen to their camaraderie. They make a really good team and their close friends and I think it's really special Tony took time and effort to nominate Kyle," said Lisa Ward.

Yes, it's just a typical day at the office for Kyle Hennessy. Payroll, helping customers and being with his friends.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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