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Health Plus: Gastric Bypass


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) --  When one Eastern Iowa woman's medical record said morbidly obese, she decided to do something to hopefully save her life.

In Health Plus, how gastric bypass changed her health and her appearance dramatically.

Kristie Clarks looks completely different from a picture of riding on the teacups two years ago.

The wife and mother was considered morbidly obese two years ago but gastric bypass at Sartori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls changed her life.

 "I just got to be where I couldn't move. I couldn't do steps without being out of breath. My back always hurt and I was short of breath, a lot," said Clark.

"What patients need to ask of themselves if they're considering a weight loss operation is do they want to become healthy individuals," said Dr. Glascock.

He says success comes when a patient follows the requirements.

 "You need to really embrace a healthy dietary program and of course add exercise." the doctor said.

For Kristie, a lot of research and discipline helped her handle what she says is not a sprint, but a marathon.

"It's not easy and you have to force yourself to make exercise a routine. 299.5 pounds was my highest weight," said Kristie.

By the way, now that she's 16 sizes smaller, Kristie says she's thrilled to no longer need her triple-x attire.

Now that she's a healthy weight, Kristie and her husband are thrilled to be expecting another child.

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