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Abe Satterfield, Ferentz, DJK testify in Everson case

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- Some key testimony today in the sexual abuse case against former Iowa Hawkeye football player Cedric Everson.

Cedric Everson and former Hawkeye teammate Abe Satterfield were charged in the alleged incident that happened October 2007, involving a female athlete.

Wednesday, head Hawkeye football coach Kirk Ferentz took the witness stand, as did Abe Satterfield -- who earlier pleaded guilty in a plea deal for his testimony.

The alleged victim earlier testified how Abe Satterfield had sex with her against her will in a university dorm room in 2007.  But Satterfield painted a much different picture. 
"She was the aggressor. I just really sat back and she was the aggressor."

Satterfield testified the sex was consensual and he and the woman fell asleep afterwards.

Some time later, Satterfield said he woke up to Everson tapping him on the shoulder, telling him to get out of bed.

Satterfield said he then fell asleep on the floor, and wasn't sure what happened afterwards between Everson and the woman.

Prosecutors called some high profile names to the stand Wednesday, including Kirk Ferentz, former receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, and defensive lineman Mike Daniels.

Daniels said he was with Everson before the alleged incident.   Daniels testified Everson grabbed a large amount of condoms before he walked with Everson up to the room.

"He asked me to escort him up there. I was basically walking a friend upstairs.

Attorney: "And then he asked you to kind of stand there for a few minutes?"


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