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Gov. Culver's Farewell Tour: Who's paying, and what's it cost?


IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- Thursday Governor Chet Culver continued his two-day farewell tour of Iowa.

We caught up with him at Iowa City's Hamburg Inn, just one of the eight total stops of his trip.

Culver says the purpose of the trip is to thank Iowans for his time in office and make it clear that the Culver administration is proud of what's been accomplished while he's been in office.

Many viewers have asked KWWL - as Governor Culver goes on this farewell tour, are taxpayers picking up the tab?

The short answer is yes, taxpayers are footing the bill, and here is a list of the expenses, from the Governor's office:


Charter Flight

Wednesday travel


$ 5,601.09







256 mi @ 39c

$        99.84

State Vehicle Rental

DSM - Sioux City - DSM

400 mi @ 34c

$     136.00

State Vehicle Rental

DSM - MC - Dbq - Dport - IC - DSM

538 mi @ 34c

$     182.92

Leased Vehicle Fuel

DSM - Dbq - Dport - IC - CR - DSM

485 mi - $3/per 20 mi

$        72.75







4 rooms @ $55

$     220.00



1 room @ $55

$        55.00






6 "Thank You" signs

6 @ $5/each

$        30.00












$  6,397.60

When asked about the cost, Culver said, "I went to Cedar Rapids 120 times on flood recovery. I think that probably cost some money to go there but we secured a billion dollars for Linn County in state and federal funds."
He also said, "If people are concerned about expenditures, our state budget today in terms of our general fund is smaller than when I started in 2007."

Culver also said it is necessary for governors to be out visiting the people of Iowa, and it is his favorite part of being governor.

Governor Culver is not the first to do this kind of farewell tour.

Former and now incoming Governor Terry Branstad did a farewell tour in 1998 and Governor Tom Vilsack did one in 2006.


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