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A new way to say thank you


WATERLOO (KWWL) – Most people think they are supposed to send out Thank You's when somebody sends them a gift. It doesn't necessarily mean they like it.

As unpopular as it seems, etiquette experts still see the simple act of saying thanks as critical.

"Thank you notes are just as important today as they were many, many years ago. People like to receive acknowledgement for the items that they've sent," said Constance Hoffman of Socials and Business Graces.

The traditional mode of showing your gratitude is the simple thank you card. Statistics show thank you card sales typically spike in December and January of each year, fueled by holiday gift-giving etiquette. Hoffman says those hand-written notes don't have to be painful. It's ok if they are short.

"Just remember to keep it personal," said Hoffman.

A phone call would be the second option, but lots of gift givers really want to see the recipient with the present. Photos help with that, and so does a new cell phone application that lets you send a thank you note and photo on the spot. It's called iGiftThanks and was created out of necessity by a mom of four.

"I would always be scrambling for a piece of wrapping paper and a crayon to somehow note who gave what before my kids tore into the next package. That little scrap of paper would end up on the bulletin board where I'd nag my kids for the next two weeks to finally get their thank you notes done. They'd get them done. I couldn't find the address and that's why I still have thank you notes six years later still sitting in my kitchen drawer," said application creator, Ciaran Blumenfeld.

So, she assumed there would be an app to help. When she found it didn't exist she decided to make it herself.

"iGiftThanks allows you to use your own photos to create instant thank you notes that you can send out via Facebook, Twitter or via email and it helps you also keep track of all of your gifts you receive," said Blumenfeld

She realizes a hand-written note is nice, but points out this ads a very personal touch.

"A photograph is really worth a thousand words in that instance," said Blumenfeld.

Even though the etiquette expert believes it will go over better with some generations than others, she approves.

"What's most important to remember is you do take the time whether written or verbal to give the thanks," said Hoffman.

The iGiftThanks app is currently only available through the Apple Store and is a $1.99. They are working on adapting it for other phones now.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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