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Reliable Rides for New Year's Eve


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- On New Year's Eve, Americans will ring in 2011. A short time after that, many will be looking for a ride home.

Cab companies are preparing for one of the busiest nights of the year. In the Cedar Valley, many of those companies are under scrutiny from customers for having long wait times and high fares.

It's hard to find many people in the Cedar Valley who take cabs at all. We stopped by several Cedar Falls bars, and found only one person who confessed to calling taxis.

She's happy with their service, but is always prepared to wait awhile.

"Usually it's between 30 and 60 minutes," said Manette Anderson.

So we asked for viewer comments through Facebook and Twitter. A couple cab companies get the green light -- although their service may cost more green than some want to pay. Many people online, and in person, said they wouldn't call a certain company because many of the vehicles don't look safe.

They also claim cabs are unreliable -- with wait times often around one or two hours.

We decided to test that claim ourselves. We called all five companies in town. Most said they could pick us up in Cedar Falls, on Main Street, within 30 minutes. One company said the wait would be about an hour.

That last one also happens to be the company most of our viewers recommended as clean, safe, and friendly.

For Brent Dahlstrom, an unexpectedly long night at the bar recently moved him to make a career change.

"I had to wait a couple hours, and it was a terrible experience. And I said, you know what, Monday morning I'm going to wake up and start a taxi company, because we need it," he noted.

Dahlstrom began running Dolly's Taxi a couple months ago. His vow is not to make anyone wait longer then 20 minutes -- although New Year's might test that promise.

Dahlstrom is honestly hoping his presence will force other cabs to step up their service, and alter the attitudes of bar-goers in the Cedar Valley.

"Anywhere else you go, wherever I travel, everyone takes cabs. Here, no one takes cabs. That's just a scary fact of this town, and we're trying to change that," he said.

We also asked the cabs about their fares, since many people complained rides are too expensive. Most charge about $4.00 to get in the cab, and then a $1.50 for each mile. That includes Dolly's Taxi.

Yellow Cab charges $7.00 up front, and $1.00 per mile.

Dolly's Taxi is the only one in town that has a credit card machine on-board. You'll also have control of the cab's i-Pad if you sit up front.


Waterloo/Cedar Falls Taxi Cabs:

Dolly's Taxi -- 319-242-2011

City Cab -- 319-234-2587

First Call Taxi -- 319-233-8294

Cedar Valley Cab & Courier 319-233-0090

Yellow Cab -- 319-234-3535


Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Taxi Cabs:

Yellow Cab -- 319-365-1444

Century Cab -- 319-365-0505

#1 Cab -- 319-930-2221

Victory Cab -- 319-330-9100


Dubuque Taxi Cabs:

E & R Taxi -- 563-582-1818

AAA Taxi -- 563-556-6666


Online Reporter: Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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