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Manchester fire eyewitness captures blaze

Photo credit fire eyewitness Robert Paige Photo credit fire eyewitness Robert Paige

MANCHESTER (KWWL) -- One eyewitness got video of a raging lumberyard fire in Manchester Christmas morning.

"You can see the heat just emanating out of that opening there," eyewitness and KWWL viewer Robert Paige said, pointing to a still picture on his computer screen.

He had a rude awakening around 5:30 Christmas morning.

"Something woke me up. I thought it was banging around the apartments here or something. I thought it was the neighbors and, you know, like a drunk neighbor or something, so I got up mad," he said. "I could hear popping and almost like small explosions, so I finally got over to my window and pulled the blinds up and here there's a fire out there, across the yard outside."

After calling 911 and hearing someone else had already reported the fire, Paige clicked into action.

"Got my camera, went outside and tried to catch the shots of the fire," Paige said.

Outside Paige's bedroom window are the charred remains of the burned building at Hutchison Lumber and Building Products.

"The end part of the building is completely gone, because I can see that out there, that there's nothing left, just out my window," Paige said.

The company declined to comment Monday, except to say they are still investigating the cause. The Manchester fire chief said it took at least four hours to put out the blaze that damaged several semi-trucks and created more than $1.5 million in estimated damage.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

"I was just hoping there wasn't anything too big in there that would explode, you know, and burst the whole building open, but there wasn't," Paige said.

If there had been, however, Paige would've been there, capturing it on camera.

Online Reporter: Becca Habegger

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