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Health Plus: Covenant RIPT

WATERLOO (KWWL)-- You may be thinking about getting in better shape in 2011, but one eastern Iowa man has already been meeting and exceeding that same resolution during this year.

In Health Plus, the eastern Iowa attorney lost thirty pounds thanks to Covenant's RIPT program in Waterloo.

For two decades Tom Ferguson has faced challenges in the courtroom as Black Hawk County Attorney.

But this year perhaps his biggest challenge, tackling a unique fitness program at Covenant's Kimball Ridge Wellness Center in Waterloo.

"I suppose stamina in the long run. The type of work that we do is a little stressful and I think it helps with the stress aspect of your life. So I think those are the two biggest things," said Ferguson.

It's resistance interval physical training, or RIPT for short.

The 10-week sessions include 3-days-a-week fitness classes along with nutritional guidance and weigh-ins.

 "High impact intervals of cardio activity going down to strength training using the lower body using weights and resistance bands for the upper body and then going back into an intense cardio workout," said Merriam Lake, a health promotion facilitator.

54-year-old Tom just finished his second session and will be in the next one that kicks off January 11th.

And get this--since he started almost a year ago, he's lost 30 pounds.

"Actually I lost about 23 pounds in the first session and then over the summer when I weighed in at the fall I'd lost about 30 pounds, so I managed to keep it off over the summer," said Ferguson.

Tom says he works harder in RIPT classes than he did on his own.

And the camaraderie makes it more like a team sport.

"Anyone who's afraid of group fitness, these classes would be a great opportunity for them to come to because we do things that everybody can do but we do it in a way that they can follow it and modify it to their own level because we have anywhere from high school kids up to 60 & 70-year-old people come," said Lake.

To sign up for Covenant's next RIPT session, call 272-2313.

The 10-weeks include unlimited use of the wellness center.

Online reporter/News Anchor: Tara Thomas


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