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UPDATE: Oswald sentenced to five years in jail


DUBUQUE (KWWL)-- A former school administrator in Dubuque was sentenced to five years in jail Tuesday.

Oswald was the assistant principal at Hempstead High School charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student.

In October, Oswald entered an Alford plea with prosecutors in exchange for dropping the charges of supplying a minor with alcohol and distribution of a controlled substance. An Alford plea means a defendant doesn't admit guilt but agrees there exists enough evidence to find him guilty if he went to trial.

At Tuesday's sentencing, there was one victim impact statement, and it was from the victim's mother, who requested the letter not be read aloud in court for the protection and privacy of her family.

The question of whether Oswald has accepted responsibility for the crime came up several times.

The pre-sentence investigation report indicates Oswald said nothing happened and that he is not guilty, as well as that he thinks the charges were blown out of proportion and nobody was hurt.

First assistant Dubuque county attorney Christine Corken said the report mentions nothing about Oswald admitting he had hurt or impacted the victim.

In a statement to the court, Oswald didn't specifically mention the victim but did apologize to anyone he had caused concern or embarrassment, including student and faculty members at Hempstead High School.

"I now realize that my life's work as an educator is over and that I will never again have the opportunity to serve the community in such a meaningful manner," Oswald said. "I am in the process of surrendering my license to the state of Iowa for my education."

Judge Monica Ackley said after his incarceration, Oswald may find a job. However, she's not sure how the rest of the victim's life may be impacted.

Ackley said parents trust the public education system to take care of their kids and that Oswald violated that trust.

The Department of Corrections' pre-sentence investigation report was the subject of an unusual sentencing. The probation parole officer who compiled it recommended a suspended sentence for Oswald, meaning he would have not been incarcerated but - rather - gone into probation.

At the start of the sentencing, Corken grilled a final subpoenaed witness -- that probation parole officer -- at which time it was discovered the officer hadn't received all the minutes of testimony when making the sentencing recommendation.

Despite all that, Judge Ackley said there has been no doubt in her mind - even before Tuesday's questioned report - that Oswald should be incarcerated, unlike the report's sentence recommendation.

Online Reporter Becca Habegger

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